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Building expertise for smarter business

Every customer is unique

A small boutique owner. A transport authority. A university campus or a hospital. Every customer is unique. Bring in-depth, cutting-edge knowledge to your customers and take the conversation to another level. Maximizing your know-how and skills enables you to create better solutions and experiences for your customers and gives you a competitive advantage.

Education is an ongoing process. As Axis continues to innovate, our Academy courses provides the necessary knowledge and skills to keep you in pace with technology. The expertise you gain at Axis Communications Academy translates into added value and a sharper competitive edge – benefiting you, your company, and your customers.

Yuko Tomono, Technical trainer

How to get started?

Axis Communications’ Academy offers you sophisticated tools and training to increase your system design competence. The introduction program offers in-depth knowledge about how to design smart solutions with Axis products. We recommend you start with the introduction program and go further to learn more, step-by-step.

Introduction program:

First step

  • Network Video Fundamentals (classroom training) *

* To attend a classroom training, go to our Classroom trainings

Second step – deeper understanding

Theme: Network Video Technologies

Theme: Design and installation considerations

Theme: Imaging

Third step – specialized

  • Designing Network Video Solutions (classroom training) *

  • Video Encoder Technologies (classroom training) *
  • AXIS Camera Station (classroom training) *

* To attend a classroom training, go to our Classroom trainings