Madrid Bus Station South: Video analytics come to Europe’s busiest bus station.

Axis cameras with facial recognition software collect evidence on the 20 million people who use the station annually.

“The superb capability of the installed Axis Communications cameras to adapt to rapidly changing light conditions has been instrumental in achieving improved video surveillance, and in the operation of the facial recognition system at Madrid Bus Station South.” Miguel Ángel Gallego, Director of Security, Madrid Bus Station South.


South Station is the first long-distance bus station in Europe. It occupies over 350,000 square feet with 65 docks in operation, 300 garage spaces, retail businesses and services, ticket sales, offices, etc. The building is integrated into the Méndez Álvaro Transportation Interchange, connecting to the network of subways and nearby trains. It is owned by Madrid Town Hall and for the past 17 years has been managed by Avanza, an ADO company, and global leader in mobility and bus station operation. Operating 22 hours a day, 365 days a year while handling 20 million people, it is impossible to have no incidents occur. Thus, the security team’s objective was to constantly gather visual evidence of everything happening at the station in order to identify individuals involved in incidents.


The station’s Security Department works in conjunction with state Security Authorities and also relies on the consulting and systems integration services of Segur Group. After discussion with the Director of Security, the group suggested the installation of IP cameras from Axis Communications running Herta Security facial recognition software.


As a result of these improvements, the security of the station and its users has increased. The number of incidents has been reduced from five per day to just five per month. In addition, they have streamlined collaboration with Security Authorities and are able to provide them with the information and images needed to complete investigations generated by incidents at the station.

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