Axis Smart City Magazine 2020

Shaping smarter more livable cities

Cities are evolving and changing. And at Axis, we want to be a part of that journey, developing the urban areas of the future and creating cities that people love to live in.

With our global expertise, experience and partner network within public safety, urban mobility and environmental monitoring, we want to share and inspire authorities about solutions that shape cities today and in the future.

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Examples of topics that we highlight in our magazine are

  • What is a smart city?
  • Effective parking management
  • Future of deep learning in video surveillance
  • Smart city trends
  • Body worn cameras
  • Smart city cybersecurity
  • Cameras integrated in smart poles
  • Vicente Lopez – a smart city
  • Smart city audio solutions
  • Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Axis’ experience and industry-leading expertise in combination with our innovative camera and IoT solutions, helps city authorities to work more efficiently and to make cities more livable. In close collaboration with our vast network of partners, we can offer comprehensive, scalable solutions built on open industry standards for cities to evolve with the changing needs within public safety, urban mobility, and environmental monitoring. Read, why Axis for smart cities.