Water - water treatment plant


Protecting water facilities cost-efficiently

The challenge when protecting water treatment facilities from intruders is the remote locations they are often situated at, with large areas to monitor. Apart from protecting the boundaries, there is a need for surveillance at operating points, reservoirs, water and sewage systems, and stations. Thanks to Axis’ technology using high quality video, thermal imaging, audio and data systems you can improve the security of your facility based on:

  • Outstanding image quality in difficult light
    With Axis you can detect and avoid entry at critical points by high speed PTZ cameras that pan, tilt and zoom into the area of alarm.  These cameras can also operate in dark, foggy, or other difficult weather conditions, thanks to Axis’ Lightfinder that transforms murky pictures to sharp, identifiable ones.
  • Possibility to monitor the entire water treatment process
    Using our range of video surveillance solutions at your water treatment plant, you can monitor the entire process for deviations in the process stream or finished water – and intervene before damage has been done.
CAESB customer story

We have seen that human security presents difficulties, as a guard generally works alone, in a remote location, and that does not guarantee security - neither his own, nor that of the property. We’re talking about units with difficult access in remote locations, where risks really do exist.

Cristiano Carvalho, CAESB manager of security