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Elk Island National Park employs Axis network cameras, speakers, and gate/door controllers to maintain a positive wildlife experience for all

“At first our staff was apprehensive about the Axis cameras and other security technology. But now they realize we put it there for their protection and to helps us ensure that all our visitors have a positive and safe experience in our park.” Mark McIntyre, Asset Manager for Elk Island National Park.


When Elk Island National Park embarked on its latest 10-year management plan for maintaining healthy animal populations and diverse ecosystems, it also decided to upgrade its security system to better protect visitors, staff and high-value remote assets. Park managers were looking for an integrated technology solution that could help them deter vandalism and theft, simplify credentialing of seasonal staff, and identify individuals breaking park rules and regulations.


To accommodate the distance between locations and the challenging terrain, LSR Solutions, a surveillance systems integrator and an Axis Application Development Partner, created a fibre and wireless network that could stream video and trigger alerts from multiple security devices across several kilometres. Twenty Axis high-resolution network cameras, deployed at key locations throughout the park, stream video to an AXIS Camera Station video management system where the footage can be viewed live and archived for forensic review in case of incidents. By customizing integration between Axis network gate/door controllers, Axis I/O modules, Axis network speakers and third-party alarm panels, the integrator created a more secure and manageable system for daily opening and closing of buildings, entrance gates, and kiosks. Lastly, to spot suspicious individuals at night, LSR Solutions installed an Axis network radar detector at the equipment yard that signals an Axis pan/tilt/zoom camera to record activity when motion is discovered.


The wireless network finally gives park management the ability to proactively live monitor the beach and remote parking lots to identify vehicles and individuals causing mischief or acting recklessly. In one instance, the Axis cameras captured distinguishing details about several vehicles racing through one of the parking lots late at night, which officials then shared with local law enforcement. Instead of spending days inputting seasonal employee credentials at each location, management now uses a centralized door access database to add credentials for the whole park in just a few minutes.

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