Axis empowers Shaanxi Rural Credit Cooperative to improve its HDTV video network system to a new high

“The world-leading Axis products bring superior image quality, and their unique features and functionalities meet the Union’s needs. Remarkable low light, Wide Dynamic Range IP cameras provide the high degree of color revivification, high image clarity, as well as stable and reduced bandwidth and storage requirements, which are just what the Union wants. In particular, Axis’ panoramic view products feature wide coverage per unit, and offer outstanding functionality and performance to reduce the Union’s investment.“ Cai Dong, general manager of Shaanxi Xin Ke Long Ltd.


Shaanxi Rural Credit Cooperatives Union (hereinafter referred to as “the Union”) is growing rapidly, and currently maintains more than 3,000 points of presence and hundreds of off-premise ATM self-service sites. HDTV network cameras were needed for the key areas at the banking sites, including main gates, bank note handover areas for cash carriers, outer/inner areas, counters, and ATM self-service areas, to address the business-critical requirements for “clear faces”, “clear bank notes”, “clear details”, “clear interior/exterior environments”, etc.


On the basis of the specific HDTV surveillance requirements of the Union’s points of presence, Axis network cameras were selected with functionalities and performance purpose-designed for banking, and in accordance with the actual conditions on the sites, as well as the business requirements.


The Union’s existing distributed management model will be transformed into centralized surveillance and management with city-level secondary banking surveillance centers, which are then connected to the provincial and national security networks, thus extending the monitoring coverage and tools, freeing the operators at the local sites from device maintenance, and improving the overall efficiencies and effects.

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