Object in area

Define an area where an object’s presence is of interest. Selected objects will trigger an event when they move within the defined area. You can reshape and resize the area. The application ignores any objects that move outside the area.

Line crossing

Draw a virtual tripwire and set a direction in which way you want to detect line crossing. An event is triggered whenever selected objects cross the line in the defined direction.

Time in area (Beta)

Track whenever selected objects stay in a defined area for too long, for example to detect loitering or monitor dwell time. An event is triggered if the objects remain within the area of interest after your defined time has passed. Any objects that move outside the area will be ignored.

Crossline counting (Beta)

Count objects that cross a virtual tripwire in a defined direction. An event can be triggered whenever a set number of selected objects have crossed the line. Based on open APIs, data can easily be accessed in multiple ways and integrated into third-party apps for visualization and an instant overview. You can set up events and collect data separately or simultaneously.