EXTB-3 Junction Box ExCam

The junction box is Ex e certified for explosion-protected network cameras in ExCam series.

Increased safety enclosures with Ex e certifications are designed to prevent excessive heat, the ingress of water or dust, and the resistance to impact. Thus preventing any explosions from occurring. Ex e defines an explosion protection method for gas environments that prohibits arcs, sparks or hot surfaces.

It includes a terminal connector and pre-mounted 3x cable glands, enabling end users and installers with ease of maintenance. One of the cable gland is Ex d certified for connection to Ex Connection Rail PoE PS24.

Cables and connectors

SKDP03-T Cable ExCam

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Ex e Cable Gland M20 Armored

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Ex e Cable Gland M20 Non-armored

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ASKDP03-T Armored Cable ExCam

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