AXIS W701 Docking Station 8-bay

8-bay docking station for Axis body worn cameras

  • Grab and go: ready when you are
  • Dock and go: secure offloading, fast charging
  • Reliable docking connectors
  • Splash proof

Fast, easy handling for 8 cameras

Drop your AXIS body worn cameras into AXIS W701 Docking Station 8-bay to offload and recharge, so they’re ready to grab and go the next time you are.  

AXIS W701 Docking Station 8-bay supports fast, easy handling of your Axis body worn cameras. Charging is quick and data offloading is fast and secure. So your cameras are ready when you are. AXIS W701 Docking Station 8-bay is a sturdy, splash-proof standalone docking station that’s compatible with the separate AXIS W800 System Controller. So there’s no need to store the docking station in a climate-controlled room. It’s robust enough to keep where it’s easiest for the people who use it to get to.

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