Course Description

Observe how AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry puts efficient video surveillance and access control at your fingertips with one, user-friendly interface. This tutorial consists of video screencasts providing visual instruction on AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry. You may wish to review the entire library as an introductory training or just a section – out in the field when a quick review is needed.

Course objectives:

  • Set up a network door controller
  • Create, edit, and remove identification profiles and card formats
  • Add, edit, and remove card credentials, doors and zones
  • Add door monitors, emergency inputs, readers and  REX devices
  • Configure PIN length
  • Import and export cardholder data
  • Set up a multi-server
  • Set up encrypted communication
  • Create an action rule
  • Configure access management settings
  • Configure AXIS License Plate Verifier in AXIS Camera Station
  • Configure an AXIS Barcode reader
  • Connect a split or camera view to a door
  • Export reports