Course description:

Turn a basic video surveillance system based on AXIS Companion into a more comprehensive end-to-end solution, including audio and access control products. Discover the possibilities of evolving an AXIS Companion system into a more advanced and feature-rich end-to-end solution with AXIS Camera Station.

Practical information:

Format: Online
Length: 45 minutes
Price: Free of charge

Course outline:

Axis end-to-end solutions, overview of Axis video management software, AXIS Camera Station Integrator Suite and the hardware store use case.

The hardware store - warehouse
See how AXIS Companion is the core of the surveillance system and how easy it is to integrate audio for deterrence and intercom for remote access control.

The hardware store - store
See how the Axis surveillance system evolves when more products and features are required. Migrating the AXIS Companion system into a more powerful AXIS Camera Station system with a new recording solution. Discover how AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry manages access control, by being a unified solution in the VMS.

Keep expanding
Find out about other ways to expand your Axis surveillance system like analytics, wearables, background music, security radar and multi-site.

Course objectives:

Be familiar with
Axis end-to-end solutions for surveillance
How to enhance a video surveillance system by integrating audio and access control products
The possibilities to scale up an existing Axis end-to-end system
Differences and similarities between AXIS Companion and AXIS Camera Station

The benefits of Axis end-to-end solutions
How Axis VMS and NVR form the core of an end-to-end surveillance system

Who should attend:

System integrators and installers within the network video surveillance industry.



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