Course description:

This online course gives you a brief introduction to IP-based access control. You will learn basic definitions of access control, as well as typical examples of how access control is used in different scenarios.

Practical information:

Format: Online
Length: 20-30 minutes
Price: Free of charge

Course outline:

1. Check out IP-based access control in action
A video introduces a number of scenarios where IP-based access control is used.

2. System components Introduces the following topics:

  • Purpose of access control
  • Entry and exit
  • Lockdown
  • Emergency exit

Generic examples show which access control products are used in different situations and how the products are integrated as system components. At the end, there is a short quiz.

3. Buildings
Covers how to use access control in buildings to manage a large flow of people, as well as how input and output devices can be integrated to empower administrators. It also shows how to manage users in the access control system. At the end, there is a short quiz.

4. Vehicles
Shows how to use vehicle access control, using a parking lot integration example. It also covers case examples and some basic features. At the end, there is a short quiz.

5. Quiz
Contains questions from all the modules above. You may wish to start the course by taking this quiz, and then dive into the areas you need to work on the most.

Course objectives:

After completing the course, participants will be familiar with:

  • Basic functionality of IP-based access control
  • Common access control scenarios
  • Access control products

Participants will also understand:

  • How components in an access control system can work together

Who should attend:

System integrators and installers in the network video surveillance industry who have little or no knowledge of access control systems.



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