Course description:

Through case studies you are introduced to the capabilities and features of AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry. The course focuses on different system implementations and how to combine access control with video surveillance.

Practical information:

Format: Online
Length: 20 minutes
Price: Free of charge

Course outline:

1. Use cases
Work with a real-life use case stories and learn how to combine access control with video surveillance to meet security and safety needs. Throughout this session, you build a basic understanding of how access control can be used to address surveillance challenges in specific settings.

2. Quiz
Take a quiz with questions from all the modules in this outline.

Course objectives:

After completing the course, participants should be familiar with:

  • How AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry can be used in operation


Participants should also understand:

  • The basic principles of operation

Who should attend:

System designers and installers in the network video surveillance industry.


To get the most out of the training, you need to be familiar with video management system AXIS Camera Station. Participants can benefit from taking the online course Get to know AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry prior to attending this course.

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