Course description:

This online course uses storytelling elements to showcase a system integration example for a mid-size installation. The framework for the story is set by the surveillance needs of the end customer, “Laura’s chicken farm”.

Practical information:

Format: Online
Length: 30-45 minutes
Price: Free of charge

Course outline:

1. Background story
Get an introduction to “Laura’s chicken farm”, its business surveillance needs, and how Laura is assisted by system integrator Ryan and installer Ken. 

2. What is AXIS Camera Station?
Learn about the basic features of a video management system and end-to-end solution through a typical surveillance scenario and system integration examples. Then take a short knowledge test.

3. How to use AXIS Camera Station
First familiarize yourself with the daily operations and routines of the chicken farm. Then learn how to use a PTZ camera, 360° panoramic cameras, and remote access. Find out how to handle incidents by means of recordings, Smart Search, and integration of additional technologies.

4. What is AXIS Camera Station Integrator Suite?
Learn about the system components at Laura’s chicken farm and some basic features.

5. How to design, deliver and service an Axis surveillance system
Get a glimpse into the different phases of the integration process: design, sales, installation, test and management. Implementation examples are shown from “Laura’s chicken farm”, after which a short knowledge test is taken.

6. Quiz
Take a final quiz with questions from all the modules above. You may wish to start the course by taking this quiz, and then dive into the areas you need to work on most.

Course objectives:

After completing the course, participants will: 

  • Be familiar with AXIS Camera Station video management system, AXIS Camera Station recording solutions, and AXIS Camera Station Integrator Suite 
  • Understand how an AXIS Camera Station end-to-end solution can be used in typical scenarios
  • Understand the benefits of AXIS Camera Station Integrator Suite (including AXIS Site Designer, Project key for configuration, AXIS Installation Verifier, and AXIS System Health Monitoring)

Who should attend:

Professionals in the network video surveillance industry who focus on designing solutions.



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