Lighting up the power grid with Axis

Axis network cameras help Midwest gas and electric company keep its vehicles, machinery and offices secure

“The key for us was to put something in place that allows us to ‘set it and forget it.’ And that’s how it’s been with the Axis recorder, software and cameras. We have not had any problems whatsoever.” Tony Brzoskowski, IT Director, KS Energy Services.


Growing over the last 10 years to a company of over 1,000 employees, KS Energy Services relocated its home base to a new office site that required a deeper look at a security system beyond its old and outdated analog cameras. The company dealt with issues like poor image quality, lack of scalability, bulky user interfaces, video exporting issues among a laundry list of problems. With highly valuable vehicles and equipment on site, it was important for the company to determine a new solution.


KS Energy picked a complete end-to-end Axis solution, selecting a recorder, software and cameras from the Axis portfolio to provide coverage across its new facilities. Deploying a set of fixed bullet-style cameras with low and varying light capabilities and outdoor enclosures, the company brought clarity and scalability to a system nothing like they had before. With the rack server and preconfigured hardware from Axis, it was simple for IT to pull the entire system onto the office’s preexisting network.


The company has so far only pinpointed incidents through the cameras like minor bumps in the parking lot and thankfully nothing of highly serious nature. The ease of use has staff already planning out future deployments at the company’s other offices and remote sites, plus further points at headquarters. As expected, KS Energy was able to implement this network camera solution, allow it to record 24/7 and use it as needed without any problems along the way.

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