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Board of directors

Axis Board of Directors consists of five elected members, with no deputies, and three employee representatives, with two deputies.

Elected by the annual general meeting

Marianne Brismar

Born: 1961

Member of the Board since: 2018

Chairman of the Board of: Fam. Knut & Ragnvi Jacobssons Stiftelse and Almi FöretagsPartner Väst

Member of the Board of: Semcon AB, Concentric AB, Creades AB, Axel Johnson International AB, JOAB AB och GreenCarriers AB

Education: A Bachelor’s degree Business Administration and Economics from Gothenburg University and a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, BSc Pharm, from Uppsala University

Working experience: Roussel Nordiska AB, Atlet Group, Special Advisor to the Vice President at Nissan Motor

Principal employment: Senior Partner Intercept AB, various directorships

Martin Gren

Born: 1962

Member of the Board since: 1984

Chairman of the Board of: AB Grenspecialisten, Grenspecialisten Förvaltning AB

Member of the Board of: Askero Sagoboks Förlag AB, Eikos Aktiebolag, H. Lundén Holding Aktiebolag, Proact IT Group AB

Education: Lund University, Honorary Doctor HC Lund University

Working experience: Founder and employee of Axis

Principal employment: Employed by Axis Communications AB

Biörn Riese

Born: 1953

Member of the Board since: 2015

Member of the Board of: American Chamber of Commerce, Institutet mot mutor (IMM), Stiftelsen Mercuri Urval, Stiftelsen Min Stora Dag, Jurie Advokat AB och Arvid Nordquist H.A.B.

Education: Master of Laws (LL.M) and a Graduate degree in Economics/Business Administration from Stockholm University, Sweden

Working experience: Mannheimer Swartling Advokatbyrå AB, Carl Swartling Advokatbyrå, District Court Service

Principal employment: Senior Adviser & Lawyer Jurie Advokat AB

Håkan Kirstein

Born: 1969

Member of the Board since: 2015

Member of the Board of: Cherrystone AB

Education: M.Sc. in Economics, Stockholm University, Sweden

Working experience: CEO Eltel Group AB, CEO Niscayah Group, CEO StatoilHydro Sweden

Principal employment: Entrepreneur

Toshizo Tanaka

Born: 1940

Member of the Board since: 2015

Education: A degree in Economics from Keio University, Japan

Working experience: Various leading positions within the Canon Group

Principal employment: Representative Director & Executive Vice President, Canon Inc. and Chief Financial Officer, Canon Inc. In addition to several leading positions within the Canon Group

Employee representatives

Mats Friberg

Born: 1967

Member of the Board since: 2015

Employee at Axis since: 2000

Employee Representative

Malte Lennerstedt

Born: 1970

Member of the Board since: 2017

Employee at Axis since: 2013

Employee Representative

Eva Svensson

Born: 1964

Member of the Board since: 2017

Employee at Axis since: 2012

Employee Representative

Dinesh Vinjarapu

Born: 1985

Member of the Board since: 2019

Employee at Axis since: 2018

Employee representative

Marie Nässlind

Born: 1984

Member of the Board since: 2015

Employee at Axis since: 2014

Employee representative

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