Helping save lives on the roads of British Columbia

Axis network cameras help police secure evidence by video recording impaired driving investigations and enabling the safe monitoring of events

“The fixed Axis network camera equipment on the Mobile Road Safety Unit (Alexa’s Bus) provides a high resolution image and good clarity in low light. It exceeds the Provincial legislative specifications required for digital video recording of detained persons.” Todd Balaban, A/Staff Sergeant of BC RCMP Traffic Services.


As part of a campaign to get tough on impaired driving, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in British Columbia developed a state-of-the-art Mobile Road Safety Unit (MRSU), fondly known as “Alexa’s Bus”. The vehicle contains advanced breath testing equipment and mobile workstations, so officers can process criminal charges on the roadside. In order to ensure the safety of officers and detainees along with the integrity of the interview process, the BC RCMP needed a high quality video surveillance system with resolution that met legal requirements for evidence.


BC RCMP asked Intercontinental Truck Body (ITB) to design and install a system. ITB identified Axis Communications as the partner and systems integrator for the video surveillance system that would ensure the events on the bus were reliably recorded.


Video from the Axis network cameras provides high resolution images of detained impaired drivers that can be used as evidence in court. Investigating, testing and processing impaired drivers on the roadside increases the officer’s efficiency and effectiveness. The system also allows the video to be viewed live on-screen and remotely, which improves both the safety and security of the MRSU when parked. When incidents do occur, police can review video footage to identify the cause and determine what course of action to take.

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