La Marvella achieves effective surveillance and remote monitoring with Axis solution

Installation ensures more safety and security; checks pilferage

“We greatly value the safety and security of our guests and are extremely happy with the results achieved from the installation of Axis network cameras. We have found these cameras to be smart in looks and discrete, thereby ensuring that we don’t have to compromise on the aesthetics or comfort of our guests to ensure safety. Remote monitoring of the premises, including utility areas, has ensured that our senior management is also able to study the operations and ensure world class services.“ Mr. Sashi, IT Manager, La Marvella.


The hotel management was looking for surveillance and monitoring system that would provide security and safety and minimize pilferage. At the same time, the cameras were required to discreet, in order to maintain aesthetics and to ensure that the guests’ comfort is not compromised. Being a multi-nationally managed hotel, it was also necessary that image quality be superior to enable remote monitoring by the management team overseas.


The hotel deployed a total of 64 Axis camera models, a mix of PTZ and fixed network cameras (AXIS M1011, AXIS 209FD, AXIS 215 PTZ, AXIS 216FD, AXIS M3202, AXIS M10, AXIS 5532, AXIS M3011, AXIS P1311). These cameras are installed at different locations at the hotel including corridors, lobby, lift, main entrance, restaurants and bars. They have also been installed in utility areas such as material movement locations, electrical panel rooms and DG power rooms for monitoring.


The solution has been successful in ensuring safety and security of guests, which was the primary concern for La Marvella’s management team. The network recording and storage provision has brought down the necessity of staff dependency; thereby increasing efficiency while cutting costs. The superior image quality on IP has been acknowledged and appreciated by the hotel’s senior management, which can now monitor the hotel from across the world.

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