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1000eyes specializes in application development and operation of server infrastructure for video and audio over IP, with solutions for intelligent and secure processing, transmission and storage of video and audio on private networks and the Internet. 1000eyes is also a leader in hosted video security, serving more than 10,000 customers in this area.


AXIS A1001 partner
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Addvals in Brussels (B), founded in 2013, is the exclusive distributor in Belgium and The Netherlands of the integration platform AppVision developed by Prysm, a French software development company. The mission of Addvals is to improve central management and (multisite) control over building systems for security control rooms and technical departments. 

Addvals implements AppVision as a truly open integration platform for building, safety and security management, covering multiple operator techniques and multiple communication protocols. Today AppVision is the most installed integration platform and has been implemented in 4.000 projects worldwide. Besides software distribution Addvals also acts as a specialized AppVision system house by developing AppVision plugins as required by specific markets. For example HTML web clients, subsystem drivers, workflow management modules and datamining tools. Towards the market Addvals operates through a network of certified installers.

AGORA Systems

AXIS A1001 partner

AGORA Systems is a software engineering company focused on developing applications for physical security businesses, with deep know-how in IP video technology, analytics and security systems integrations. AGORA Security Management Software is a unified open platform that integrates several systems (video, alarms systems, fire systems, GPS systems, IP intercoms, lone worker devices and others), adding interactive procedures, increasing productivity, security and safety.

The software is used across the globe in multi-site and single site organizations with centralized operations in a command center, such as banking, critical infrastructure, retail, Central Monitoring Stations and others. AGORA SMS monitors and measures your command center’s performance with a set of business intelligence tools.


AXIS A1001 partner

AxessTMC is a brand of Zucchetti Axess a company developer and manufaturer of access control, anti-intrusion and video surveillance, safety, timekeeping and human resources management. With more than 300 partners and thousands of readers and terminals sold each year in all industries, Zucchetti Axess is an international presence in 50 countries worldwide. Zucchetti Axess is part of Zucchetti Group, leader in ICT world.

Bluefield Smart Access

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Bluefield Smart Access helps business service providers, public institutions and industrial companies leverage their existing access, parking and operational authorization systems and maximize control of their operational processes.
In the everyday ritual of receiving and authorizing visitors and employees, we saw an opportunity for innovation and improvement, resulting in four applications that improve identity & access management. It is our mission to provide our customers easy and automatic access to data from their existing access, HRM and authorization systems. Easily and automatically. 


Cube Access

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Cube Access is a software development company providing a completely scalable cloud based monitoring solutions for small to large size organizations across multiple physical sites.
Our platform focuses on real time event and notifications delivery as well as 3rd party integrations to offer a completely customizable and robust solution accessible and monitored from any device via web, text or email.


AxessTMC is a brand of Zucchetti Axess a company developer and manufaturer of access control, anti-intrusion and video surveillance, safety, timekeeping and human resources management. With more than 300 partners and thousands of readers and terminals sold each year in all industries, Zucchetti Axess is an international presence in 50 countries worldwide. Zucchetti Axess is part of Zucchetti Group, leader in ICT world.


ELERTS Lock It Down is a cloud-based solution for schools that uses smartphones and crowd-sourced information to enable rich, real-time reporting. Managed through a web console and driven by a smartphone app, Lock It Down addresses the critical need for bi-directional communication during volatile situations. The app connects educators directly to local police and offers Lockdown, Shelter in Place, and Evacuate commands. Reports may include text, photos, and GPS mapping for visual context. Integrated with Lock It Down, the AXIS A1001 makes information actionable. ELERTS is an ALICE Partner in



Entelec offers a smart, simple and straightforward building surveillance solution. Sky-Walker STRATO is an all-in-one software platform which combines access control, intercom and video surveillance through integrated Axis products. Its intuitive interface eliminates the need for multiple control panels required to operate the various systems protecting a building. With more than 20 years of experience in system integration, Entelec offers cost-efficient solutions which meet any customer’s needs. More information:

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Genetec Synergis is an IP access control system that allows organizations to secure their facilities while leveraging their IP network and industry-standard access control hardware. AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller will beintegrated to Synergis, via the Synergis Master Controller, which allows Administrators to configure doors controlled by AXIS A1001 and seamlessly attach cameras to doors, while allowing Operators to monitor events in real-time, perform visual verification of cardholders, and run a variety of access control reports. The integration is currently in beta and will be tested at various end user sites.

Axis partner solution note


IDODI designs, develops and improves applications and ensures the proper integration solutions for optimal collaboration between IT systems. The name IDODI stands for “In Data Out Data In” – in other words, the processing of data. This is the basis for developing applications that are flexible, manageable and easy to use.


Imron IS2000 access control platform is a powerful system with an intuitive interface, IS2000 provides the most extensive integrated platform in the industry. Due to the modular design, IS2000 can be customized to manage any size of system, while offering a complete Security Management Solution that adheres to open architecture standards. The modular design offers true scalability and flexibility. IS2000 manages traditional hardware platforms and newer web based IP controllers such as AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller and readers from one seamless environment.


AXIS A1001 partner

IPS Intelligent Video Analytics, founded in 1965, is a German manufacturer of sophisticated video products. Since the acquisition by Securiton GmbH in 2006, IPS has been managed as an independent business unit. In recent years, IPS has been developing its latest generation of IP-based software solutions for video analytics and management.



AXIS A1001 partner

The ISS Video Management platform, SecurOS is the nucleus of a complete surveillance and security management topology. It can manage and monitor an unlimited number of cameras and devices, apply intelligent video analytics, including native capabilities such as License Plate Recognition (LPR/ANPR), Face Recognition, and Container Character Recognition. The platform can integrate a variety of disparate systems into one centralized visualization platform. SecurOS scales from small standalone sites to large mission critical applications that involve hundreds or thousands of cameras, sensors and control systems unified into one network.


AXIS A1001 partner

Kentima develops, manufactures and sells advanced products for the automation and security sector. The company’s business concept is to develop high-quality products that can communicate with different systems to visualize, store, monitor and manage information and images. Kentima sells its products primarily through distributors and resellers.

Midpoint Systems

AXIS A1001 partner

Midpoint Systems entered Access Control business in 2007, and was one of the first access control software providers to adopt 100% IP-based architecture and offer a truly open-platform solution for corporate clients. With Axis A1001 ONVIF Profile C capable controller in the forefront Midpoint now supports four leading brands of access control hardware. Midpoint continues to pioneer new fields and reshape concepts of electronic security by offering new integration options and improved user experience.


AXIS A1001 partner

Milestone introduces XProtect® Access 2016, an add-on product to the XProtect® video management software suite. XProtect Access 2016 provides XProtect® Smart Client users with an easy-to-use interface to operate one or more access control systems such as AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller with AXIS Entry Manager. Dedicated functions in the XProtect® Smart Client enable users to effectively monitor events, manually control passage, manage cards and access points and conduct access event investigations.


AXIS A1001 partner
AXIS A1601 partner

Morphean is a Swiss technology company with a strong presence in more than 12 countries worldwide. Founded in 2009 and with over 70 partners across Europe, the secure Morphean platform informs decision making and drives efficiencies for all organisations by generating unique and actionable insights from a multitude of data sources. 

With expertise across retail, transport & facilities management, among others, the company is recognised as a leader in secure service platform delivery through the use of cloud and AI technologies. The platform helps firms prepare for the future by keeping their ‘Eyes Wide Open’ to the intelligence gathered from a variety of network connected devices.



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AXIS A1601 partner

Started in 1996, Prysm is a software house specializing in development of graphical interface-based command and control applications. Prysm primarily serves system integrators and equipment installers of building automation and management equipment, integrated security equipment, industrial and manufacturing control systems, and customized automation projects


Qognify helps safeguarding your world, focusing on the outcomes of customers, who place a premium on physical security. Providing solutions to mitigate risks, increase security and optimize operations, Qognify serves thousands of customers all over the world as a trusted advisor. The comprehensive portfolio of Qognify contains physical security and incident management solutions, which create add value for many sectors including manufacturing companies, transportation authorities, retail chains, banks and other financial institutions, ports and seaports, logistics service providers, schools and universities, correctional facilities, critical infrastructures and cities. In 2018, Qognify acquired OnSSI Group with its brands OnSSI and SeeTec, thus forming a leading global player in the physical security market. Headquartered in Pearl River, New York, Qognify operates major development hubs in Germany and Israel as well as sales and support offices around the globe.


AXIS A1001 partner

With intelligent video management, video analytics, access control and innovative perimeter intrusion detection systems, Senstar offers a comprehensive suite of proven, integrated technologies.

Soft & Sec

AXIS A1001 partner

Soft & Sec provide a web-based application called AxisPresenceWeb, which integrates with the Axis A1001 Network Door Controller. This application makes it possible to show the presence of registered users in a building on any device connected to a web browser (FireFox, IE/Edge, Chrome, Safari). The solution delivers real-time capabilities to handle user access privileges and event logs and saves events into the PresenceWeb database (SQL). The solution is suitable for both small and large installations with few or many locations.




AXIS A1001 partner

Synectics designs integrated end-to-end surveillance control systems for the world’s most demanding security environments. All Synectics products, including the open-architecture Synergy™ software, are the result of longterm investments in product development, working closely with end users, and acquiring customer-driven vertical industry knowledge.


AXIS A1001 partner
AXIS A1601 partner

Telcred provides a cloud based access control system for Axis A1001 Network Door Controller. The solution utilizes Axis one-click-connection technology for easy installation and secure communication. All hardware configuration is done in Telcred's system through a web browser. In addition to traditional access cards, a smartphone app can be used to open, unlock and check status of the doors. The solution is suitable for both small and large installations with few or many locations.


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The TOPTIC ACCESSUS is a software designed to extend advanced features of IP access controllers, providing easy management and operation tools.
•    Easy to use system
•    Offline data synchronisation on access controllers
•    Integrate different hardware simultaneously with flexibility
•    Save time through a unified dashboard
•    Gain safety and speed in operations
•    Automated visitors self-registration through integrated Accessus Kiosk


AXIS A1001 partner
AXIS A1601 partner

A modern, cloud-based approach to Access Control Systems. Entryfy allows users to access doors through RFID technology, smartphone app or by using eID integrations. Manage facilities remotely from a browser or mobile device. Run either as a standalone solution or as an add-on to your existing Access Control System.


AXIS A1001 partner

UltraVision team is focused in offering to regional market (Central & Eastern Europe) full range of professional services and reliable electronic security & safety solutions. Founded in 2013, Ultravision is the exclusive distributor in C&EEU for AppVision and AppControl, both open integration platforms which fully integrates Axis access control products. Our services address the needs of local market for expertise in pre-sales, design, deployment and post-sales support for any individual or combination between access solutions, video surveillance, transmission products, fire detection and alarm, intrusion detection, buildings & industrial automation and advanced integration & information software platforms.

Synology Inc.

AXIS A1001 partner

Synology Surveillance Station is a professional VMS solution that runs on Synology NAS and standalone NVR models. It supports the ONVIF standard and is compatible with more than 7,900 IP cameras, I/O modules, access controllers, and transaction systems. Monitor up to 100 live feeds or recordings simultaneously on a single Synology NAS, or deploy Synology Centralized Management System (CMS) to manage hundreds of recording servers and thousands of cameras. Integration with AXIS Network Door Controllers allows you to manage controllers, cardholders, access rules, and logs centrally in Synology Surveillance Station. You can also pair a camera with a controller to monitor a particular door and provide enhanced situational awareness.