Standalone microphones

AXIS T8355 Digital Microphone
High-performance all-around microphones
  • Professional audio detection
  • Discreet and compact microphones
  • Outstanding audio performance
  • Flexible installation


A microphone for each situation

Axis microphones are discreet, top-quality microphones and reliable even in demanding environments. All our microphones are omnidirectional, but depending on the installation, for example AXIS TU1001-V mounted on a surface, the directivity can become hemispherical.

Versatile usage in surveillance

Axis standalone microphones can be used in various types of installations. Choose among wall, ceiling, or covert installation. Audio detection may be useful to a security operator interested in listening to what is happening at a specific location in order to evaluate the urgency level in a situation, e.g. a sound of fighting, screaming, slamming doors or gunshots. Audio communication can also be a third scenario, where a network camera with the microphone is used to communicate as an intercom system.

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