AXIS T93F Housing Series

AXIS T93F10 Outdoor Housing
Robust and sleek housings with smart features
  • IP66/IP67- and NEMA 4X-rated
  • IK10-rated
  • Suitable to fit large CS-mount lenses
  • Arctic Temperature Control
  • Polymer casing

Features to protect what you value

AXIS T93F Housing Series has IP66 and NEMA 4X protection rating against the ingress of dust, windblown dust, rain, high pressure water jets from any direction, hose-directed water, and damage from external ice formation. IK10-rated for protection against impact and vandal acts. In addition, the cables are vandal protected and it is prepared to accommodate an optional alarm switch that triggers at vandal attempts.

Ease of installation

AXIS T93F Series is out-of-the-box ready for installation outdoors. AXIS T94Q01A Wall Mount is included. For installations involving protective pipes, AXIS T94R01P Conduit Back Box (optional accessory) should be used. Threaded holes underneath the housing simplify installation of Axis Illuminators.

Extra room for more

AXIS T93F Housing Series offers an empty space behind the camera, useful if a larger lens is needed for the camera or to place other devices. See the dimensions drawing for more information.

The IP rating system

  • IP stands for Ingress Protection
  • The rating’s first digit e.g. IP66 relates to the ingress protection against dust (6 means dust tight, see the table below)
  • The second digit e.g IP66 relates to the ingress protection against water (6 means protected against heavy water jets, see the table below)

Protection against solid objects:


1st Digit Description Definition


No special protection


Protected against solid objects greater than 50 mm

A large surface of the body such as the hand (no protection against deliberate access). Solid objects exceeding 50 mm diameter


Protected against solid objects greater than 12 mm

Fingers or other objects not exceeding 80 mm in length. Solid objects exceeding 12 mm diameter


Protected against solid objects greater than 2.5 mm

Tools, wires, etc of diameter or thickness greater than 2.5 mm. Solid objects exceeding 2.5 mm diameter


Protected against solid objects greater than 1.0 mm

Wires or strips of thickness greater than 1.0 mm. Solid objects exceeding 1.0 mm


Dust protected

Ingress of dust is not totally prevented but dust does not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with satisfactory operation of the equipment



No ingress of dust

Protection against liquids:


2nd Digit Description Definition


No special protection


Protected against dripping water

Dripping water (vertically falling drops)


Protected against dripping water when tilted up to 15º

Vertically dripping water shall have no harmful effect when the enclosure is tilted at any angle up to 15º from its normal position


Protected against spraying water

Water falling as spray at an angle up to 60º from the vertical shall have no harmful effect


Protected against splashing water

Water splashed against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect


Protected against water jets

Water projected from a nozzle against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect


Protected against heavy seas

Water from heavy seas or water projected in powerful jets shall not enter the enclosure in harmful quantities


Protected against the effects of immersion

Ingress of water in a harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time


Protected against submersion

The equipment is suitable for continuous submersion in water under conditions, which shall be specified by the manufacturer



  • Datasheet

    • AXIS T93F05 Protective Housing
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    • AXIS T93F10 Outdoor Housing
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    • AXIS T93F20 Outdoor Housing
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  • Manuals

    • AXIS T93F Series - Installation Guide
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    • AXIS T93F Series - Repainting Instruction
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