Merani office bulding viewed from outside, made of brick and glass.
Commercial real estate

Modern security for a modern building

Organization: Merani office building
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
Customer need: Access management, Intrusion Protection
Tbilisi, Georgia, 

Merani office building in Tbilisi elevates its security measures with a state-of-the-art Axis video surveillance system. 

Merani Office Building: A blend of functionality and security

Located in the heart of Georgia's capital, the multi-functional Merani office building stands tall with four stories. It houses the offices of leading global and Georgian companies, offering office space, a dining area, a cafe, and a playground. The top floor is dedicated to parking.  

To ensure the safety and comfort of its visitors and tenants, Merani's management decided to overhaul the existing security system. The goal was to transition from legacy analogue cameras to a modern IP-based video surveillance system. 

Upgrading to a modern surveillance system

Axis was chosen to meet Merani's specific security needs. The Axis cameras were selected for their seamless integration capabilities with various systems, including the VMS, access control, license plate recognition, and automatic voice announcement systems. Different models of Axis cameras were strategically placed in corridors, elevators, staircases, the parking lot, and even on the roof. These cameras ensure comprehensive coverage of the building's critical areas. 

When the customer selects a new security system, his basic criteria are its quality and resilience. Axis cameras are good for both classic video surveillance and recognition. Apart from this, the customer showed interest in video analysis capabilities of Axis open platform that can be used to get any type of data when combined with the respective software.
David Sarkisov, sales manager at Integra.

Enhanced monitoring and automated features

With the new system in place, Merani's security staff can now monitor all essential areas, respond swiftly to incidents, and conduct investigations. The system's automation capabilities further enhance its efficiency. A network video encoder with a built-in PoE switch and 12 TB storage space facilitates image display and video archiving. 

Customised security solutions

The Merani office building employs several security applications integrated within the VMS Axis Camera Station. For instance, a license plate recognition system, developed by the Czech company FF-Group, is used at the parking lot for mall employees. This system captures car images, recognises license plates, and controls access based on a "white list." 

Another notable feature is the Axis Perimeter Defender software. Integrated with a camera on the building's inner fire escape stairs, it sends an alert to the Axis network horn speaker if any motion is detected in the monitored area. 

The building's elevators employ an access control system, limiting access to the parking lot. Visitors need to enter a PIN or contact the mall's security centre via a video intercom to exit the elevator at the parking level. Future plans include the use of QR codes for access. Cameras in the building's corridors use the Corridor Format developed by Axis, ensuring efficient surveillance in long and narrow areas. 

A card reader with red cross denying access.

A future-proof security system

The Merani office building now boasts a state-of-the-art security system, ensuring the safety of its occupants and visitors. With its advanced features and automation capabilities, the system not only meets the current needs, but is also scalable for future requirements. 

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