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Enjoy excellent opportunities

With ACAP, you can integrate (and develop) apps and plug-ins for a wide range of purposes. Security apps, business-optimization apps, traffic-control apps, time-lapse apps, and streaming apps are just a few examples. It’s possible to run custom apps on most of our broad portfolio of high-quality devices. ACAP is a well-established, proven platform that you can depend on to help you deliver great results.

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Application gallery

In Axis Application gallery, you’ll find an extensive selection of ACAP applications developed by Axis partners. These applications are ready to be embedded in Axis products to perform analysis of live video.  

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Design great systems

When you use ACAP, you also have access to a list of tested, well-documented application program interfaces (APIs). These APIs are optimized for Axis devices and let you take full advantage of Axis hardware and software. Together with software development kits (SDKs) based on open-source components, they facilitate interoperability, scalability, and easy migration of your apps to execute on Axis devices. In addition, your apps will be able to run and process video directly on Axis devices, which eliminates the need for separate servers for processing and reduces storage, bandwidth, costs, and system complexity.

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Develop applications for Axis devices?

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Get plenty of support

ACAP is backed by a worldwide network of experts who are there to help you online through the ADP Helpdesk. You’ll also have access to tools that simplify the deployment and tuning of your app. For example, you can create licenses without investing in customized copy protection and administration. You can determine the best combination of devices and video management systems. And there’s a loaner tool for fast online access to any Axis product.*

Support and resources for developers

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ACAP: A platform for innovation

“The principle of ACAP is that we’re giving as many smart and creative people the opportunity to develop applications that make the best use of our technology.”

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Making the most out of video analytics

Learn how to maximize the performance of your video analytics applications by making insightful choices when it comes to product selection, camera placement, maintenance and more.

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AI in video analytics

This white paper provides a technological background on machine learning and deep learning algorithms and how they can be developed and applied for video analytics.