Explosion-protected cameras certified for Zone and Division 2

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Globally certified for hazardous areas

Globally certified for potentially combustible Zone and Division 2 environments, Axis has introduced the world’s first explosion-protected camera specifically designed for Zone/Division 2 hazardous areas.

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Certified for Zone and Division 2

Our globally certified Class I/II/III Div 2 and Zone 2,22 (according to NEC, CEC, ATEX, IECEx) camera can be used in the less hazardous, although still hazardous Zone and Division 2 areas. This sturdy camera is the world’s first explosion-protected camera specifically designed for Zone and Division 2. It provides many benefits within health and safety applications as well as operational efficiency. For instance, with smoke alert analytics preinstalled it can monitor for signs of smoke or fire in potentially combustible environments.

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Just tough enough

With the same functionality as Zone/Division 1 cameras, this camera doesn’t come enclosed in a stainless steel casing, yet it’s still fully capable of providing sufficient protection in Zone/Division 2 areas. With ‘Ex e’ or ‘non-incendive’ protection, it offers increased safety. This means that by design, the camera cannot provide sufficient energy to ignite the gas and dust in the environment. While it’s possible to install Zone/Division 1 products in Zone/Division 2 areas, it is more cost-effective to use products specifically designed for Zone/Division 2. Our Zone/Division 2 camera is optimally designed for Zone/Division 2 so you get the right level of certification for your hazardous area.

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