Savings you can expect

Save time and optimize your work

Optimizing your daily work is a rewarding feeling. This is especially true for video management system administrator, operator, and investigator roles who must deal with vast amounts of video, data, audio, events and more everyday.

Find, install and maintain plugins

Available a free one-time installer, AXIS Optimizer is an integrations suite for Axis-Milestone systems. Admin roles install all needed device plugins and integrations — one time — and update everything automatically. This offers significant time savings as there’s no need to search for, download, install, configure, update and maintain multitudes of separate device plugins and integrations.

Easily access device settings

Gaining easy access to Axis device settings delivers time savings and ensure efficient outcomes. Admin and operator roles can directly access any Axis device's settings directly in Milestone XProtect. Without AXIS Optimizer, users need to log into the web GUI of each device to change its different settings. The larger the system, the more devices connected to it, the more time and effort is required to configure and tweak the connected devices. 

Examples of Device settings

Easily access extended device features

Many Axis devices have device-specific features built-in which deliver full capabilities. Without AXIS Optimizer for Milestone XProtect, Milestone users must access each each device at sites to access these extended features. Operators typically don’t have privileges for this so they would need approval from their system administrator — or the administrator needs to do this work themself. Depending on site and device connectivity, this often also requires travel to each location. Again, the more devices connected to the system, the more time and effort is required to manage extended device features.

Examples of Extended device features

Set up operator controls

Set focus area for PTZ cameras

Set autofocus for cameras

Sharp images in rainy weather

Measure spot temperatures

Manage dewarped video

Apply security controls and manage video management systems

AXIS Optimizer security controls

A one-size-fits-all, all-in-one feature that could make any security system and site 100% cybersecure. As appealing as those words sounds, no such feature exists — or is likely to anytime soon. While there is no quick fix, there are effective means to apply security controls inorder to mitigate risks. AXIS Optimizer helps administrators save time and effort applying these by managing user privileges to the suite as well as efficiently manage all Axis devices connected on all sites in and Axis-Milestone local or distributed systems

Examples of Security controls

Perform automated actions

Operators must monitor and deal with real-time events efficiently, accurately and repeatably. Given today’s ever more connected and intelligent devices, the sheer amount of events increases. Meanwhile, properly managing them involves performing manual tasks, which heightens risks for mistakes or delays. If an event is missed, you risk unwanted situations such as leaving visitors waiting at a door. 

Examples of Automation

Respond to real-time events

AXIS Optimizer real-time events

Responding to real-time events typically requires operators to perform actions manually based on alerts. Such work is prone to human error and takes time — which is precious when dealing with real-time incidents. If an operator doesn’t respond quickly and accurately to a potential threat, the incident can escalate. Traditionally, an operator needs to access multiple device and VMS rules and settings to manage events. Axis offers a broad portfolio of network devices that enable operators to respond to incidents. With AXIS Optimizer, admin roles are assured accurate, timely actions can be taken.

Examples of Real-time events

Manage calls and door access

Respond via audio only

Call routing

Perform pre-set actions

Multiple camera views

Accelerate forensic search investigations

AXIS Optimizer forensic search

The vast majority of forensic investigations involve video evidence. Operator and investigator roles are often not certain of what or whom they are looking for, where or when an incident took place, how objects or people moved in the location of the incident. Plus, the sheer amount of video and data from just one camera mounted at one location over a day, week or even longer is extensive — the greater number of cameras, the more there is to review. Natively searching through hours of footage to find a specific person or object can be time-consuming, error-prone and tedious. AXIS Optimizer saves you time to turn raw data into evidence.

Examples of Forensic search