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It’s easy and free of charge

As an Axis Certified Professional, you are a person of great value to us. We appreciate the investment you have made in Axis, and we want to make sure you continue to get a good return on your investment. So, recertification is free of charge for Axis Certified Professionals employed at Axis partner companies.

How to stay certified

To keep your knowledge up to date and maintain your status as an Axis Certified Professional, you need to pass a recertification test.

Get an invitation

Your certification is valid for three years, and we will send an email invitation when it is time to recertify. But if you think your invitation is late arriving, contact your regional sales contact to check on it.

Take the online exam

To take the online exam, click the link in the invitation.

The exam consists of several online training modules followed by online tests. In addition to the chance to recertify, they offer a valuable opportunity to update your knowledge.

Receive your updated certificate

When you have completed all the modules and tests, you have passed the exam and within a couple of days you will receive an updated certificate.