Service productivity in focus when Panduro Hobby modernizes its stores

Comprehensive upgrade of store IT infrastructure includes people counting solution and weather information

"We knew we had a working people counting solution in our German flagship store so the decision for AXIS People Counter was an easy one.” Peo Forsberg, IT manager at Panduro Hobby.


Panduro Hobby has been selling hobby products to cultivate customer creativity for more than five decades. Historically a mail order company, Panduro Hobby today sells online, via resellers, and through 100 company operated shops, more than 60 of which operate in Scandinavia including its country of origin, Sweden.


Panduro Hobby had planned a comprehensive upgrade of store IT infrastructure, including cash registers, over the summer period to have everything completed before autumn and the Christmas peak. People counting was added to the project and the entire upgrade was done together with system integrator Aponsa at an impressive speed.


The weather has an effect on traffic trends depending on the store’s purpose, stock, and location. Thus, Panduro Hobby opted to include weather information, as well as the number of point of sales transactions from the cash registers, to the reporting.

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