A proactive approach to security with Axis

Ivanhoe Grammar School and Axis Communications: A fifteen-year relationship

“Axis has provided cameras to Ivanhoe for many years now. We have always been impressed with the quality and reliability.” Winston Mattson, Director of Systems and Infrastructure at Ivanhoe Grammar School.


Ivanhoe Grammar School is one of the most prestigious schools in Melbourne, founded in 1915. With three campuses across two locations, Ivanhoe and Mernda; families in Melbourne’s North have access to the leading educational outcomes that Ivanhoe provides. Axis has provided cameras to Ivanhoe Grammar School for many years.


Ivanhoe has three large campuses over two locations and needed to make sure they have everywhere covered by surveillance. They take a proactive approach to security, both after-hours security and ensuring everyone on the campuses is covered through the day.


Axis products have been deployed in conjunction with Milestone and Trident Computer Services, as its systems integrators for the installation. Trident Computer Services, an information technology, infrastructure and services company has been working with Axis for over 10 years.

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