Modular cameras

collection of modular cameras
Flexible installation for highly discreet surveillance anywhere

Do you need to fit a camera into a small space? In an ATM machine, at a supermarket exit, or on board vehicles, for example? Or maybe you want to install multiple cameras near each other – and save some money? Either way, modular cameras from Axis are an excellent solution. 

How do they work?

A modular camera has two detached parts: A smaller sensor unit consisting of the image sensor and lens, and a main unit where image processing and network communication takes place. The sensor unit connects via cable to the main unit, so the two parts can be placed separately from each other. You can purchase conveniently bundled modular cameras, or you can choose to buy sensor units and main units separately. We offer main units with either one or four channels.

AXIS F1004 Pinhole sensor unit in hand

Small enough for any space

Because they’re so small, you can place a modular camera’s sensor unit practically anywhere. The main unit can then be placed elsewhere, where there’s more space. The result is a highly discreet camera that fits just about anywhere.

Light shining through a glas lens

Ensure complete coverage with the right lens