AXIS F Series

f34 f41 f44 f1004 f1005e f1025 f1035e f4005 f4005e group
Flexible modular cameras for almost any environment
  • Flexible, rugged, discreet design
  • 1-channel and 4-channel main units
  • Choice of indoor, outdoor, standard, varifocal, pinhole, fisheye and dome sensor units
  • Wide Dynamic Range and Axis’ Zipstream technology
  • Two-way audio, input/output ports

Discreet cameras for wide application

AXIS F Series offers flexible, high-performance HDTV cameras for extremely discreet indoor, outdoor and in-vehicle surveillance applications. They are ideal for ATMs (automated teller machines), banks, stores, hotels, as well as rugged environments such as emergency vehicles, buses, trams and trucks.

Wide selection

AXIS F Series comprises one-channel AXIS F41 Main Unit, four-channel AXIS F34 and AXIS F44 Main Units, and AXIS F Sensor Units with different lens types, form factors and price points. The series also includes AXIS F34 Surveillance System, a complete hardware and software solution aimed at small stores and offices.

With the exception of AXIS F34 Surveillance System, AXIS F main units and sensor units are sold separately to give customers the ability to put together the hardware features that best suit the application.

A complete solution in one box

AXIS F34 Surveillance System is a highly discreet four-camera surveillance system that is ideal for small stores and offices. The solution comes with the necessary hardware and software for a complete remote video monitoring and management system.

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Main units

AXIS F34 Main Unit from left angle AXIS F34 Main Unit AXIS F41 Main Unit from left angle AXIS F41 Main Unit AXIS F44 Dual Audio Input Main Unit from left AXIS F44 Dual Audio Input
Max video resolution 1920x1080 1920x1200 1920x1080
Two-way audio
Alarm inputs/outputs 4 4


  • Datasheet

    • AXIS F1004 Bullet Sensor Unit 1022.41 KB
    • AXIS F1004 Pinhole Sensor Unit 577.14 KB
    • AXIS F1004 Sensor Unit 502.87 KB
    • AXIS F1005-E Sensor Unit 577.81 KB
    • AXIS F1015 Sensor Unit 550.78 KB
    • AXIS F1025 Sensor Unit 616.09 KB
    • AXIS F1035-E Sensor Unit 662.96 KB
    • AXIS F34 Main Unit 118.58 KB
    • AXIS F4005 Dome Sensor Unit 717.26 KB
    • AXIS F4005-E Dome Sensor Unit 1.16 MB
    • AXIS F41 Main Unit 815.92 KB
    • AXIS F44 Dual Audio Input Main Unit 518.9 KB
  • Manuals

    • AXIS F1004 - Installation Guide 4.01 MB
    • AXIS F1004 Bullet - Installation Guide 2.08 MB
    • AXIS F1004 Pinhole - Installation Guide 1.44 MB
    • AXIS F1005-E - Installation Guide 893.8 KB
    • AXIS F1015 - Installation Guide 1.03 MB
    • AXIS F1025 - Installation Guide 892.54 KB
    • AXIS F1035-E - Installation Guide 893.63 KB
    • AXIS F34 - User Manual 1.02 MB
    • AXIS F34 Main Unit - Installation Guide 1.81 MB
    • AXIS F34 Surveillance System - Installation Guide 2.13 MB
    • AXIS F4005 - Installation Guide 2.55 MB
    • AXIS F4005-E Dome Sensor Unit - Installation Guide 2.41 MB
    • AXIS F41 - Installation Guide 1.62 MB
    • AXIS F41 Main Unit - User Manual 1.24 MB
    • AXIS F44 - Installation Guide 1.32 MB
    • AXIS F44 Dual Audio Input Main Unit - User Manual 980.38 KB
    • Modular Sensor Unit RJ12 Cable - How to shorten the cable 110.96 KB
  • Product comparison tables

    • Product Comparison Tables - Q2 2022 4.01 MB
    • Product Comparison Tables - Q3 2022 3.55 MB
    • Product Comparison Tables - Q4 2022 3.42 MB
Light shining through a glas lens

Ensure complete coverage with the right lens