AXIS C1410 Network Mini Speaker

Speaker with wide-area coverage for voice messages

  • All-in-one speaker system
  • Connects to standard network
  • Simple installation with PoE
  • Remote health testing
  • PIR sensor for motion detection

Deter unwanted activity and warn off bad actors detected by your cameras with AXIS C1410 Network Mini Speaker.  You can also use voice messages to provide instructions when needed. Smart, and easy-to-integrate, AXIS C1410 is designed to fit discreetly into smaller spaces. And each affordably priced AXIS C1410 delivers audio coverage of a wide area to keep installation costs low and make it a cost-effective choice.

All-in-one and easy

AXIS C1410 is an all-in-one unit. There’s no need for separate power amplifier and signal processor (DSP). Pre-configured digital signal processing produces clear voice every time. Onboard memory supports pre-recorded messages. Or, personnel can respond to notifications with live speech. Thanks to the built-in microphone, AXIS C1410 also supports two-way communication allowing you to get an immediate response from the people involved such as acknowledgement of your instructions, providing more info when needed, etc. The microphone can also be used for remote health testing of the speaker, so you know it’s working.

AXIS C1410 plugs into standard IP network, so no need for special audio cables. Based on open standards, it’s easy to integrate with video management software (VMS), Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony (using SIP), and analytics from Axis and our partners. Our AXIS Audio Manager Edge application is pre-installed on AXIS C1410. It lets you efficiently manage and control your audio system with functionalities like zone management and scheduling of content.

A speaker everywhere you need one

Thanks to its small and flexible design, you can combine AXIS C1410 with other Axis network speakers and enjoy complete audio coverage throughout your premise. You can install it anywhere, also in smaller environments. On ceilings, walls, and in narrow corridors. And it blends discreetly into any indoor environment. To complement your AXIS C1410 we also offer AXIS TC1601 Universal Mount enabling a variety of installation possibilities.

Keeping costs down

AXIS C1410 is a small speaker with broad reach. Each speaker gives you wide-area audio coverage. So you need fewer speakers – and there are fewer speakers to install.  And AXIS C1410 is affordable, which adds up to some very reasonable purchase and installation costs.   

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