Axis radars
Wide-area protection and traffic monitoring—regardless of visibility

Axis radars offer accurate detection 24/7 in all light conditions. And they’re not impacted by raindrops, fog, smoke, or small insects. With edge-to-edge and PoE out, they can easily connect to existing installations. Plus, there’s a radar-video fusion model available.

Panoramic camera and radar in harbour environment

Detect, classify, and track

With the area monitoring profile enabled, Axis radars are ideal for surveillance in wide, open areas. They can accurately detect, classify, and track objects 24/7, helping deter intruders before they breach the perimeter. For instance, you can install a radar on the exterior of a fence facing outwards and create a buffer zone to detect potential intruders as they approach. Thanks to built-in advanced analytics powered by machine learning and deep learning, Axis radars also reduce false alarms from animals and swaying objects for reliable area monitoring. And, because electromagnetic wave transmission from Axis radar devices is harmless—even with continuous exposure—you can get close to them without any risks.* 

Bullet camera, Axis radar and network strobe siren with strobe siren showing red light

Easy to connect and trigger events

Featuring PoE out, Axis radars can power an additional device without a costly extra cable drop. This makes it possible to integrate them into existing installations, reducing costs and installation time. With edge-to-edge technology, you can efficiently get the radars to communicate directly with other IP devices. For instance, when an intruder is detected, you can use Axis radars to trigger other devices such as a network horn speaker or strobe siren to deter unwanted activities. Furthermore, Axis radars can be used stand-alone for non-visual monitoring while safeguarding privacy. Or they can be used to automatically steer PTZ cameras for visual verification or identification.

AXIS D2210-VE Radar installed overlooking a highway

For traffic monitoring and statistics

With the road monitoring profile enabled, most Axis radars can detect vehicles traveling at up to 200 km/h (125 mph). Using the multiple line-crossing scenario increases the accuracy of wrong-way detection and counting. Plus, you can connect Axis radars to a digital speed sign to display the speed of passing vehicles for direct feedback to drivers. Or why not download AXIS Speed Monitor, available free of charge, and efficiently gather data about the monitored road? And, if the radar is connected to a camera, this application can also visualize radar data directly in the camera feed.

AXIS Q1656-DLE Radar-Video Fusion Camera wins SIA award for best video surveillance camera 2023

The best of two technologies

If you need radar and visual surveillance in one device, then look no further than AXIS Q1656-DLE Radar-Video Fusion Camera. While both radar and video analytics provide object classification powered by deep learning, radar analytics also add distance, and speed measurement, as well as the precise location of objects. By fusing these analytics, it’s possible to set up double-knock verification where both technologies are needed to confirm the detection. So, you can choose to only be notified when both the radar and the visual camera trigger an event for even more accurate and reliable detection.


*According to calculations in accordance with ICNIRP guidelines on Limiting Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields, Axis radars’ emitted power levels are below what is considered medically harmful even at a one-centimeter distance from the radar.

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