M50 ceiling mount

Ten reasons to switch to IP-based video

Easy to install

IP cameras connect easily to your existing data network, and you don’t need to invest in new cabling infrastructure. When using Power over Ethernet (PoE), a single cable per camera can provide power, video and data. You don’t need a power outlet near your camera, and if your network switches are connected to back-up power, then so are your cameras.


Figure 3: With PoE, a single cable provides power, video and data to an IP camera. Compare to the analog camera on the right.

Axis IP cameras have a number of tools to assist you during setup. Remote focus lets you adjust the focus from any location. The pixel counter helps you verify that the resolution fulfills your requirements for a given scene. With remote zoom you can change your viewing angle to fit the coverage area.

Figure 4:
Left: Remote zoom ensures that the viewing angle and resolution are optimized for the scene.
Center: Remote focus eliminates the need for manual focusing at the camera position.
Right: The Pixel counter verifies that the resolution fulfills regulatory/customer requirements.

Truly digital