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Daewoo Construction improves global security infrastructure at Sheraton Hotel, Incheon.

Organization: Daewoo Construction, Sheraton Incheon
Location: Incheon Songdo Newtown, Korea, Republic of
Customer need: Public safety, Personal safety, Remote monitoring
Incheon Songdo Newtown, Korea, Republic of, 

Daewoo Construction turns Sheraton Incheon into first-class hotel with Axis network video solution.


The first-class Sheraton Hotel Incheon, recently constructed by Daewoo Construction group in Incheon Songdo, South Korea, is an international world-class hotel with fabulous architecture, futuristic design, and elegant interior features. It is also famous for the environmentally-friendly resources and materials used.

With this new construction project, Daewoo believed safety infrastructure and efficient security surveillance were key. Since the hotel accommodates both international and domestic VIP guests, monitoring the access points in real-time was an important issue. In order to meet the requirement for an effective building management system, and to minimize electrical and cable field work, implementing a highly efficient network-based camera system was imperative.


The solution was possible by installing Axis network cameras provided by CCS, an Axis partner. Sheraton Hotel, Incheon developed a 24-hour network-based surveillance system consisting of about 130 Axis network camera channels. Since people feel more comfortable with discreet surveillance, AXIS 216FD Network Dome Cameras were installed in the interiors, and AXIS 212 PTZ, AXIS 232D+ and AXIS 221 Network Cameras were installed in exterior locations for real-time remote monitoring. A central management and security office uses AXIS Camera Station for video management, making the integration effective and easily managed.

Axis network cameras provide more efficient storage of recorded images, and the image quality is outstanding. Daewoo Construction, with their world-class Sheraton hotel, made it possible to achieve a superior security infrastructure with an Axis solution.
Hotel official.


By placing the Axis cameras in appropriate areas including blind spots, security has been greatly enhanced and visitors are now easily identified. With the intelligent video motion detection function, the bandwidth used was also greatly minimized. Thanks to the Axis IP-based video solution, the entrance areas where hundreds of people go in and out every day, the front desk where visitors check in/out, elevators, stores and emergency exit doors can be consistently monitored. Facility management monitoring has also been strengthened. Especially installing a large number of dome cameras was a better approach to guests and visitors as the cameras are unobtrusive and blend in well with the hotel’s interior design.

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