AXIS Camera Station 4 activation

This page provides information regarding AXIS Camera Station 3 and AXIS Camera Station 4 license registration. Refer to this page for information regarding the latest AXIS Camera Station version.

The first time you start the AXIS Camera Station program you will be asked to register your license in order to activate the full version (not applicable for the demo version.) Follow the instructions below depending on whether you have direct Internet access or not, from the computer where the AXIS Camera Station program is installed.


The License Key, found on the inside of the AXIS Camera Station CD casing, is a temporary key that will expire once the software has been installed and registered. It is therefore important not to register the software until the AXIS Camera Station is installed on the target computer.

If you need to re-install a previously registered installation of the AXIS Camera Station, please contact Axis Technical support and include your original license key (ACSxxxx-xx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxx) and the company and name of the person it was registered to.

Fast Internet connection: Register automatically

If AXIS Camera Station is installed on a computer with fast access to the Internet,  you register using the AXIS Camera Station program, and your license information is sent directly to the Axis Web server. The software will be activated automatically.

Note: If the connection to the Axis Web server fails while registering the software, you can register manually by filling in this form and following the instructions below.

No or low-speed Internet connection: Register manually

If AXIS Camera Station is installed on a computer without (or with low-speed) access to the Internet, or if the above registration fails, you can acquire the Access Code that is needed to activate the software from the Axis Web site and enter it manually.

  • Start AXIS Camera Station and select 'Grace period' in the license dialog. The AXIS Camera Station generates a Server ID.  Make a note of it.
  • Fill in all the requested information on the software activation page. You will need to enter your License Key as well as the Server ID.
  • You receive an Access Code. Make a note of it.
  • Start AXIS Camera Station and select 'Registration done'. Enter your License Key, Server ID and Access Code. This activates the full version.

For more information, please refer to the "Quick Installation Guide".