Containers in Samer Seaport

Axis Communications and Eurotel Telecomunicazioni: partners for an integrated port

Organization: Samer Seaports
Location: Trieste, Italy
Customer need: Access management, Property and asset protection, Parking
Trieste, Italy, 

Video surveillance and ports: integrated solutions responding to every need.


The principal requirement for port terminals is to protect surfaces that are very large and continually expanding, using tools that can respond to a range of needs – from perimetral protection to access control, optimization of parking areas, and conservation of potentially inflammable and hazardous materials – while at the same time reducing deployment of forces and of staff.


The project proposed by Axis chose Eurotel Telecomunicazioni as systems integrator. As a result, the Samer Seaports terminal in the port of Trieste has been provided with an excellent example of an integrated video surveillance system including perimetral protection, video surveillance and access control.


The monitoring over the external areas was made possible because of the 12 lighthouse towers equipped with two multi-sensory AXIS Q3708-PVE highresolution context video cameras installed at a height of 45m. With their 180° field of view, they provide 360° monitoring of all external areas. In addition, Samer added AXIS Q6215-LE Network PTZ Cameras to its security system. Their half-inch sensors and self-adapting IR illuminator with 400-meter range enable monitoring of the area concerned in all atmospheric and light conditions. The AXIS Q2901-E radiometric thermal cameras were also placed in particularly critical areas such as stores of hazardous goods, to enable detection of gas leaks or fire outbreaks.

In areas immediately alongside the sea, where this technology could not be adopted, perimetral protection is ensured by the use of AXIS D2110-VE Security Radar which, in the case of a detected intrusion, sends a signal to the system that automatically points the video cameras towards the area reported, enabling a video check on what is happening. The video cameras selected for the project also allow monitoring of internal roadways and can recognize free zones immediately with a simple digital zoom using the Milestone XProtect® Video Management System.

The Axis solutions not only provide 360° protection of our surfaces, they also enable us to have a more accurate image-analysis system, optimization of our operations and better security management, with a consequent reduction in costs and dedicated staff.
Ivan Giosefin
Project Manager and IT Manager of Samer Seaports & Terminals Srl.

How Axis satisfied the requirements of the Port of Trieste

At the head of the list of Samer Seaports’ priorities was certainly the need to equip the area with a surveillance and perimetral security system that, using AXIS Q3708-PVE multi-sensor video cameras, could handle two activities: management of vehicle parks and critical areas and intruder detection. This latter was required by the port authorities and the public forces of law and order as a check on illegal immigration.

Containers in seaport

Monitoring and protecting the perimeter of a port area is a particularly arduous operation. The systems and devices must not only be able to control the entire surface area of the terminal, but must also have the capacity to operate in variable atmospheric conditions and to ensure high quality images in conditions of poor light, detecting and distinguishing vehicles and people.

This activity was made possible by the installation of Q1941-E thermal cameras. These can translate the various infrared emissions into images under all atmospheric and light conditions, detecting and distinguishing vehicles and people thanks to the installation of the AXIS Perimeter Defender plugin. AXIS Q2901-E radiometric thermal cameras were also used in particularly critical areas such as stores of hazardous goods, to enable detection of gas leaks or fire outbreaks.

Pole camera over seaport

In addition, Samer chose to add PTZ AXIS Q6215 Network Cameras to its security system in order to obtain precise monitoring of detail. Equipped with 32x optical magnification, these video cameras are extremely robust and resistant to brine and strong winds such as the Bora, the typical and frequent high wind of Trieste. The self-adapting IR illuminators have a range of up to 400 metres, ensuring consistently high image quality.

These cameras enable operators to focus on details of the event identified by the panoramic video cameras, obtaining useful information with which to optimize operations and provide support for police investigations. “The versatility of the Axis solutions has allowed us to expand the system, including perimetral access control in areas where employees, visitors and transporters pass. In the future, we will also add a solution for number-plate reading,” says Giosefin.

The collaboration with Axis has enabled us to take part in a stimulating project, one that has succeeded in bringing together various aspects of surveillance. In particular, Axis’ solutions have permitted us to implement a latest generation video surveillance system, capable of 360° integration and ideally matching all our customers’ needs.
Stefano Vignola
Project Manager Security of Eurotel
Samer seaport car exit

In addition, AXIS A8207-VE Network Intercoms with badge readers have enabled further intensification of security measures for access to the terminal: “Thanks to these devices, in fact, surveillance staff can check that the person visible via the intercom corresponds to the image on the employee’s badge and, if not, prevent access,” concludes Giosefin.

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