Port security with IP-Surveillance system in Shanghai

Shanghai International Port Group digitalize the security surveillance at the Golden Waterway with help from Axis network products

“The video surveillance system is an important component in the port security system. As the business systems of the port are increasingly digitalized, and the web-based IP intelligent video technologies develop, Axis will help Shanghai International Port (Group) utilize new IP video technology to provide intelligent services for the business operation of the port, enhancing the port business efficiency and the productivity.“ Zhou Yaoping, Deputy Director, Shanghai Port Public Security Bureau.


The Port of Shanghai, managed by the Shanghai International Port Group, is situated at the crossing of the Chinese coastline and the Yangtse River, known as “the Golden Waterway”. Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd. (SIPG) is the largest port joint-stock company in China, and is a comprehensive port with the largest cargo handling capacity and the second largest container handling capacity in the world. The Group requested the construction of a web-based intelligent IP-Surveillance system to be built on the base of the existing surveillance system and network infrastructure.


The customer selected an Axis solution to smoothly migrate the existing analog surveillance system to the network video system. The implementation of the Axis IPSurveillance system took full consideration of the demand for interconnected surveillance among the various ports managed by the Group. The system can be connected to the network directly in a plug-and-play manner, eliminating complex cabling and enabling easy installation.


Shanghai International Port (Group) is utilizing the new IP video technology from Axis to provide intelligent services for the business operation of the port and strengthen its efficiency and productivity.

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