Efficient stock control using Axis network cameras

Monitoring orders using network cameras from Axis Communications gives EET Nordic better customer support and increased efficiency in the logistic process

"Always being able to document to our customers what has happened to the individual delivery whilst it was our responsibility, gives us great confidence and security. Customers also find it easier to accept our conclusion of the event when we send them a video sequence as documentation." - Tom Kjærulf, Logistics Director, EET Nordic


With an annual turnover of 800 million Danish Kronor, IT distributor EET Nordic’s logistics center in Ballerup is a hive of activity requiring optimum control. Every day, thousands of computer products destined for end customers around Europe are transported in and out of the enormous warehouse. In the midst of all the activity it can be difficult to avoid uncertainty and mistakes in connection with individual deliveries. Although it does not happen often, this is always a problem which costs dearly in time and loss of goodwill with customers. Therefore, EET Nordic was looking for a solution that could enable better monitoring and thereby improve the dialogue with customers and carriers.


The solution to EET Nordic’s challenges turned out to be close at hand, right on EET Nordic’s own warehouse shelves. EET has been a distributor of Axis network video products for many years and chose to optimize its stock control using Axis network cameras because they are reputed for their high quality and great reliability. They are also very easy to set up and operate.


EET Nordic installed more than 50 Axis network cameras which are connected to a central server and controlled using Milestone XProtect® video management software. EET Nordic now has an advanced monitoring tool at hand, which not only reduces the number of mistakes significantly, but also makes it possible to improve customer service and satisfaction. Using video monitoring, EET Nordic will always be able to document what has happened with each individual consignment.

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