IT reseller reduces theft in warehouse with IP network cameras from Axis

Sis Distribution (Thailand) adopts Axis’ IP surveillance solutions

“The volume of theft incidents has almost been eradicated and where there has been an incident, we now have the evidence that can lead to the offender being identified. This kind of peace of mind is invaluable.“ Somchai Sittichaisrichart, SiS Distribution’s managing director.


SiS Distribution (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd. is Thailand’s leading IT reseller and distributor, representing more than 60 manufacturers of computer systems, software, peripherals, networking and smart phone products. When the company built a new warehouse, one of the company’s key objectives was to enhance physical security systems to guard against theft and other losses. After researching and comparing CCTV options, SiS Distribution decided to implement an IP-based surveillance network. The cameras were installed to track the unloading, storage and loading of stock to help operations by documenting any errors and to guard against theft. The cameras record high-definition video footage of the entire warehouse storage area as well as the dispatch and loading areas. The video data is stored for six months and can be used as evidence for dispute resolution.


SiS Distribution (Thailand) selected:
  • 130 AXIS M1054 HDTV-quality IP cameras for indoor surveillance that feature resolutions of up to 1 megapixel and have intruder alarm capabilities
  • 15 AXIS P1344 fixed day and night IP cameras, also with HDTV video quality
  • 143 AXIS M11 Series which includes both indoor and outdoor-ready fixed cameras that support digital, pan, tilt and zoom
All the models support multiple H.264 video streams and the data collected is managed by NVR software that automates the ability to search video data for activity or changes in a given area of the warehouse.


SiS Distribution’s managing director Somchai Sittichaisrichart said: “IP network cameras have an obvious application in warehouses, especially in an industry such as ours where we are responsible for expensive and fragile equipment. One of the most frustrating aspects of managing a warehouse occurs when stock disappears or is damaged. Without a reliable surveillance system, the responsibility for any damaged or missing products can be hard to place – and there is less incentive for staff to do the right thing.”

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