Reliable and secure transportation of flowers with Axis cameras

Smart use of existing infrastructure means lower investments

Our core business is to make flowers and plants available to others. This process comes with an intensive logistics process where things can go wrong, whether intentional or not. We would like to offer our services with the utmost care and transparency possible. Thanks to the implementation of the camera surveillance system, we are in an excellent position to do so. “ Marc Roest, IT Manager with the Dutch Flower Group.


Dutch Flower Group (DFG) is a global group of companies. Together, they are market leaders in import, export, trade and market development of flowers and plants. To monitor the transportation of flowers and to reduce fraud, DFG was searching for a surveillance solution.


A total of 15 Axis network cameras have been installed. The outbound transportation flow of flower crates is recorded from three different angles. Other cameras register the inbound flow and record part of the transportation process on the property itself. This is a clear and easy way to see how many crates are being transported from start to finish. The office areas and associated facilities are also monitored by security cameras. EyeSec installed 10 indoor AXIS P3344-V HD Network Cameras and three outdoor AXIS P3344-VE HD Network Cameras. Existing analog cameras were hooked up to the network thanks to an Axis video encoder. Two public view monitors were installed with an AXIS M3014 Network Camera and an AXIS P7701 Network Video Decoder.


The camera installation offers DFG the capability to register and analyze incorrect transports, fraudulent activities and theft. This prevents a lot of discussion with suppliers and customers about whether or not the correct number of flower crates were delivered. Thanks to the high image quality of the Axis cameras and their smart installation design, DFG only had to make minimal investments in equipment and infrastructure.

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