Thermal Modular cameras

AXIS P1290-E Thermal modular IP camera
Flexible and discreet thermal detection
  • Modular camera models
  • Functional and extremely discreet design
  • Easy and flexible installation
  • Edge storage

Modular design and thermal imaging

Modular cameras from Axis comprises a separate sensor and main unit connected with a cable. This let you to install the sensor unit discreetly even in tight places, and you can place the main unit elsewhere. 

Using modular thermal cameras gives you all the benefits of thermal detection at a price that’s within reach. Thermal modular cameras is compatible with analytics such as AXIS Guard suite, AXIS Perimeter defender or other third party analytics, to reliably detect people, vehicles and objects regardless of light conditions or attempts at camouflage. It can be used as a cost-effective detector with visual confirmation for safety of both people and property in numerous environments, with decreased false alarms.

Mix thermal and visual imaging all in one

Modular thermal cameras can be used in a single, or multi-channel setup to create a flexible, tailored approach to surveillance depending on your needs – indoors or out. Using AXIS FA-Series, you can use up to four sensor units, together with AXIS FA54 Main Unit. It also allows you to mix, for instance, thermal cameras with visual cameras in one stream. The sensor unit can be used for intruder detection and allows you to place a visual sensor unit in the same area to further identify whether or not there is a threat. 

Furthermore, you can build a flexible perimeter protection solution using analytics, such as AXIS Guard suite together with a modular solution with four thermal cameras. This could be useful for outdoor environments, such as at construction sites to protect containers with valuable materials. Modular thermal cameras helps keep the area safe in a cost-efficient way while reducing the number of false alarms.