ExCam XF Q1645 Explosion-Protected Network Camera

Every detail counts in hazardous areas

  • Certified for ATEX, IECEx, EAC Ex, IA; Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22; Groups IIC and IIIC 
  • HDTV 1080p at 100/120 fps
  • Unparalleled light sensitivity with 1/2" sensor
  • Electronic image stabilization (EIS)
  • Included analytics

ExCam XF Q1645 Explosion-Protected Network Camera helps you detect unauthorized individuals and monitor employee safety in hazardous areas. You can also use it to visually monitor production efficiency and verify information from your sensor system. It’s engineered for light sensitivity that’s absolutely second to none. It delivers high-resolution video at full frame rate for crystal-clear images. And built-in analytics help you make smart decisions about for instance operations and resource allocations.

Capture more light – always

High resolution. Full frame rate. Unparalleled light sensitivity. That’s the difference between an image that’s sharp and one that’s razor sharp in any light. Simply put, ExCam XF Q1645 is a camera that’s second to none. With 2 MP resolution at up to 120 fps, the 1/2" sensor and Lightfinder technology capture more light than ever and enable outstanding image usability even in poor light. Plus, Forensic WDR ensures perfect balance in scenes with strong variations in light. These technologies, can make the difference between seeing important forensic details clearly, and seeing nothing but a blur.

That’s one smart camera

ExCam XF Q1645 is chockfull of intelligent features that facilitate smart decision-making, enhanced security and first-class image usability. The electronic image stabilization (EIS) greatly improves video quality in situations where the camera is subject to vibration and the video, without it, would be troublesome to view. Hence, the vibration effects are greatly reduced resulting in smoother and steadier video.

The PoE camera comes also with preinstalled with AXIS Guard Suite. And an orientation aid enables dynamic overlays with street names and a compass symbol for quick orientation if you’re using multiple monitors.

In addition, intelligent i-CS lens facilitates fast and easy installation and adjustment. Plus, zoom can be set remotely – and then the camera automatically sets the focus. Both of which help minimize time and money spent on installation.

One camera. Three scenes. Indoors or out.

With ExCam XF Q1645, you can choose between three scene profiles. For each profile, the camera automatically optimizes exposure time, white balance, aperture, sharpness, contrast and noise for every camera in your surveillance solution to suit specific use scenarios. The result? Image quality that’s always great.

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Weathershield ExCam XF

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Power over Ethernet

Ex Connection Rail 8-port PoE PS24

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AXIS Surveillance Card 64 GB

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SKDP03-T Cable ExCam

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