AXIS Queue Monitor

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  • Reduce waiting time
  • Set queue thresholds with alerts
  • Increase visitor satisfaction
  • Optimize staff planning
  • Streamline operational efficiency

AXIS Queue Monitor is a cost-efficient application for queue management and analysis. From retail stores and hotels, to public buildings and banks, this smart application provides real-time data that can help identify where bottlenecks are occurring, enhance service planning and improve your visitors overall experience. Furthermore, selected Axis network cameras can function as a queue monitor as well as a surveillance camera that is connected to a separate video management software.

Smart decisions made easy

Long queues can result in dissatisfied visitors, inefficient resource allocation and potentially lost revenue. By managing queues more effectively and decreasing waiting times you can enhance the overall visitor experience. AXIS Queue Monitor provides real-time data on the approximate number of people queuing and statistics about queue fluctuations over the course of the day. Analyzing this valuable information can help you improve resource allocation and ensure your resources match visitor traffic and needs. This can help increase visitor loyalty while at the same time reduce overall costs.

The complete overview

By analyzing the statistics from AXIS Queue Monitor, you can review your service-cycle time and identify required improvements. It can also help you better understand how different spaces in your locations are used. For instance, you can define a hot spot and collect data on the approximate number of people at the location at any given time. The information can be used to facilitate A or B testing or to analyze traffic patterns in that area over time.

Up to three queue thresholds can be set to prompt selected actions when exceeded. At airports, this can help reduce passenger waiting time by alerting you when additional check-in desks or security lanes should open. You can also use this information to keep visitors informed with up-to-date information on waiting times. You can easily synchronize multiple units and add additional cameras anytime. AXIS Queue Monitor can be remotely configured, managed and monitored so you can view statistics from several cameras and locations at the same time. This valuable insight enables you to continually improve service, sales, and resource planning.

Smart, scalable solution

This edge-based application stores information directly on each installed camera, reducing bandwidth and storage requirements and eliminating the need for expensive servers. Its open protocol lets you integrate the data into other third-party applications.  The data is saved for up to 90 days and accessible in four ways:

  • By using a standard web browser to access the camera’s web interface.
  • By downloading static raw data, available in various formats, through an open API in the camera.
  • By using AXIS Store Reporter, our statistical web-based service. Ideal for use in multi-site and multi-camera installations.
  • Through AXIS Store Data Manager, a locally run software program for easy integration of data into third-party business intelligence applications.

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