Object in area

Find objects of interest in a defined area and trigger an event when they enter the area. You can reshape and resize the area while disregarding any objects that move outside the area, as well as objects that aren't selected for tracking within the area.

Line crossing

Draw a virtual tripwire and set a direction in which way you want to detect line crossing. Get a notification if the selected object crosses the virtual tripwire.

Time in area

Track whenever selected objects stay in a defined area for too long, for example to detect loitering or monitor dwell time. An event is triggered if the object remains within the area of interest after your defined time has passed. 

Crossline counting

Count objects that cross a virtual tripwire in a defined direction. An event can also be triggered whenever a set number of selected objects have crossed the line. You can set up events and collect data separately or simultaneously. 

Occupancy in area

Estimate occupancy levels in a defined area where you want to count selected objects in real-time. You can also set up triggers for when the occupancy level reaches a set number of selected objects and collect data to gain insights.