AXIS M43 Panoramic Camera Series

AXIS M4317-PLVE left
Eagle-eyed intelligence
  • Complete 180° and 360° overview
  • Built-in IR with individual IR LEDs
  • Support for deep learning analytics
  • Built-in cybersecurity features
  • Digital roll for ease of installation
M4317 and 18 hanging from the ceiling in a retail store

Sharp images and audio

Featuring a stereographic lens and Sharpdome 360, AXIS M43 Series delivers greater sharpness at the edges of the image. With up to 12 MP, these cameras offer excellent image quality and a complete 180° or 360° overview, around the clock regardless of the light conditions. Lightfinder ensures lifelike colors in low light. Plus, day/night functionality and built-in IR illumination with individually controllable LEDs, ensure clear, reflection-free footage and excellent image quality even in low light or complete darkness. Furthermore, the series includes a model with built-in microphones for high-quality audio capture and great noise suppression. 

Ai brain virtual connectors connections symbols

Deep learning on the edge

These high-performance cameras include a deep learning processing unit (DLPU) enabling improved processing and storage capabilities. They deliver valuable metadata facilitating fast, easy, and efficient forensic search capabilities in live or recorded video. Additionally, thanks to AXIS Object Analytics, it’s possible to detect and classify humans, vehicles, and types of vehicles—all tailored to specific needs. 

Cybersecurity lock circuit board

Secure and easy

Built on ARTPEC-8, AXIS M43 Series offers built-in cybersecurity features to help prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your system. For instance, Axis Edge Vault protects your Axis device ID and simplifies authorization of Axis devices on your network. These discreet, compact mini domes blend seamlessly into any environment. They’re delivered factory-focused and include digital roll functionality so you can remotely adjust the rotation of the camera overview.

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AXIS M4308-PLE  angled from its left AXIS M4308-PLE AXIS M4317-PLR Angle Left AXIS M4317-PLR  AXIS M4317-PLVE front AXIS M4317-PLVE AXIS M4318-PLR AXIS M4318-PLR M4317plve ceiling angle left AXIS M4318-PLVE AXIS M4327-P Panoramic Camera AXIS M4327-P White AXIS M4328-P Panoramic Camera, viewed from the left. AXIS M4328-P
Max video resolution 2880x2880 2160x2160 2160x2160 2992x2992 2992x2992 2160x2160 2992x2992
Horizontal field of view 183 182 182 182 182 182 182
Built-in microphone
Alarm inputs/outputs 1/1 1/1 1/1 1/1 1/1
HDMI Output
Built-in IR
Wide dynamic range Forensic WDR Forensic WDR Forensic WDR Forensic WDR Forensic WDR Forensic WDR Forensic WDR
Lightfinder Lightfinder Lightfinder Lightfinder Lightfinder Lightfinder Lightfinder Lightfinder
Analytics compute capability DLPU DLPU DLPU DLPU DLPU DLPU DLPU
Axis Edge Vault


  • Datasheet

    • AXIS M4308-PLE Panoramic Camera
      (pdf) 1.19 MB
    • AXIS M4317-PLR Panoramic Camera
      (pdf) 712.52 KB
    • AXIS M4317-PLVE Panoramic Camera
      (pdf) 744.04 KB
    • AXIS M4318-PLR Panoramic Camera
      (pdf) 771 KB
    • AXIS M4318-PLVE Panoramic Camera
      (pdf) 772.16 KB
    • AXIS M4327-P Panoramic Camera
      (pdf) 901.26 KB
    • AXIS M4328-P Panoramic Camera
      (pdf) 901.88 KB
  • Manuals

    • AXIS M4308-PLE - Installation Guide
      (pdf) 4.3 MB
    • Installation Guide AXIS M43 Panoramic Camera Series
      (pdf) 2.46 MB
    • Installation Guide AXIS M43 Series
      (pdf) 2.05 MB
    • Installation Guide AXIS M43-PLR Series
      (pdf) 2.05 MB
  • Product comparison tables

    • Product Comparison Tables - Q2 2024
      (pdf) 9.97 MB
    • Product Comparison Tables APAC - Q3 2024
      (pdf) 12.09 MB