Channel Partner Program

Partner levels

The Axis Channel Partner Program is open to companies currently doing or wanting to do business with an authorized Axis distributor. Three levels of partnership, with clear benefits and requirements, are designed to foster mutual success and reward our partners´ investment in the sale of Axis products.

Authorized Partner

- Open engagement
This level is open to any company offering on-site installation and first line support that is ready to sell Axis network video products and solutions. At this level, requirements are minimal and Axis offers a number of basic benefits to open engagement and get you off to a highly successful start.

Solution Silver Partner

- Grow business
System integrators, value-added resellers and installers offering complete solutions and demonstration equipment can qualify for the status and additional benefits of this category. Silver level partners have at least one staff member who has successfully completed Academy training/certification requirements, and are actively growing their business through the sale of Axis products.

Solution Gold Partner

- Reward loyalty
Partners who qualify for gold status and privileges, have demonstrated exceptional business performance, measured by revenue, support and training. They have system design expertise and a minimum of two staff members who have successfully completed Academy training/certification requirements. Additionally, they have proven their loyalty and ability to design and integrate Axis products in the most challenging enterprise customer solutions.