Video analytics

Axis’ video analytics portfolio

Axis has designed its products with the processing power needed to support high-performance edge analytics. This makes it possible to create scalable intelligent video solutions for a wide range of network video products with varying requirements.

Axis offers a portfolio of video analytics targeting different customer types and usage scenarios:

Basic motion recording: AXIS Video Motion Detection is a free application that enables the camera to detect motion in the video and to trigger a recording, either locally or in a video management system. This helps save on system costs, as less video is streamed and recorded compared to continuous recording.

Professional surveillance analytics: For customers wanting to increase their surveillance system performance, AXIS Cross Line Detection is a trip-wire application that detects objects crossing a virtual line, making it possible to automatically detect intrusions, and to trigger alarms accordingly.

Integrated analytics: Axis’ own video management systems, such as AXIS Companion and AXIS Camera Station, include several integrated video analytics that run in the camera, but which are so integrated that the end-user often thinks of them as ordinary functions. Examples include motion recording and smart search for faster forensic searching.

Intelligent camera functionality: Besides powering the analytics listed above, many other functions in Axis cameras are also powered by the same powerful video analytics engine. Examples include Zipstream - the intelligent bandwidth reduction functionality, and Autotracking - for PTZ and high-resolution cameras. 

Cross Line Detection

Figure 4: AXIS Cross Line Detection is an application particularly suitable for general entrance and exit detection in low-traffic areas. It detects objects such as persons or vehicles that cross a defined virtual line. 

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