AXIS Q1931-E

Thermal imaging

Latest addition to AXIS Q19 Series

With improved image quality and a sensor with higher resolution, the new generation of thermal cameras in AXIS Q19 Series optimizes detection performance and perimeter surveillance to meet the most challenging requirements. Camera capabilities that enhance the user experience include:

  • Easy verification with 640x480 thermal resolution.
  • Sharp images maintained with a new edge-preserving noise filter, with enhanced noise-reduction. The new filter removes blur and ghost effects, improving the perception of the thermal image.
  • A combination of dynamic histogram equalization, enhanced local contrast and sharpening dynamically improves image contrast in all conditions. The new capabilities improve contrast across the entire image, keeping noise levels low without loss of details or temperature information. The scene is easier to understand; surroundings are recognizable, and objects and people are more identifiable.

Figure 5:  Old generation cameras (left) compared to new generation thermal cameras (right).