Prepare your network video system

Prepare your network video surveillance system

Selecting the right products

Let Axis Product Selector guide you!

Axis has the world’s broadest and most complete product portfolio for network video. To guide you, we have developed the Axis Product Selector, which is available on and as an app for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ devices.

In this tool you can select basic and advanced camera features, and also check other required functionality. The tool then shows you the network cameras and video encoders best suited for your project. Save these results as a PDF and add this file to your system description.

We also recommend you to visit Axis’ Product pages, which helps you navigate our broad range of network video products.

Depending on what you want to achieve with your surveillance, there are five main network camera types from which you can choose:

  • Fixed network cameras
  • Fixed dome network cameras
  • Covert network cameras
  • PTZ network cameras
  • Thermal network cameras

To learn more about our different product types, we recommend you take our online course Axis product types.

In an Axis product name, such as AXIS Q6042-E PTZ Dome Network Camera, the second part of the name (Q6042-E) actually tells us a lot about the product’s capabilities. Go to our online course that reveals the structure behind the Axis naming convention.

Most Axis products can be enhanced with a range of applicable accessories. A good source of knowledge is the Axis Accessory Selector, which provides you with a list of accessories required to mount your camera correctly in a specific location. Select the camera, location, placement, housing, bracket, and power supply. You’ll get a bill of materials including the part numbers for all the parts you need.

Selecting hardware and software