Prepare your network video system

Prepare your network video surveillance system

Selecting hardware and software

Network and storage solutions depend on the selected cameras and their settings, such as recording time, resolution, compression, and frame rate, plus the number of cameras.

To determine hardware needs, we advise you to use the AXIS Design Tool. It lets you estimate and specify network and storage requirements for the network video project. You can clearly see the effects of the selected frame rate, resolution, compression type and compression value. It’s also possible to print the results and use them as a purchase list.

Next is to select the video management system (VMS) that best meets the customer’s expectations. This system will handle the live viewing, recording, playback and storage of video streams from the cameras.

Axis offers a number of video management solutions that complement its portfolio of network cameras, video encoders and other products. To get an overview of the main characteristics and differences between the systems, read more about how to select the correct solution in Choosing the right video management solution.

As an exclusive offer to Axis partners, we have an online course available on Partner Pages that describes our video management solutions.

For small and mid-sized systems, we suggest you use AXIS Companion or AXIS Camera Station software.

  • AXIS Companion is the market’s easiest video surveillance solution for small systems up to 16 cameras
  • AXIS Camera Station is a complete, mid-sized monitoring and recording system for up to 100 cameras

Both systems work seamlessly with Axis products, meaning that there are no compatibility issues, and that you maximize system uptime while minimizing system maintenance.
If you require a deeper understanding of Axis Video Management solutions, we recommend that you attend one of our regional classroom-based training courses.

Is your customer looking for a people counter, a fire monitoring system, or loss prevention software? In the Application Development Program, Axis assists software developers so that they can integrate their applications into your end-user solutions. There are already hundreds of applications you can use with Axis cameras, and more are becoming available all the time.

Installing the components